Alaskan Brewing Comp.Smoked Porter 20136,5%60,5cl€ 25Website
AnchorSteam Beer4,8%35,5cl€ 6,80Info
AnchorPorter5,6%35,5cl€ 6,80Info
AnchorLiberty Ale5,9%35,5cl€ 6,80Info
AnchorOld Foghorn10%35,5cl€ 9,70Website
Anderson ValleyThe Kimme, The Yink and The Holy Gose Ale4,2%33cl€ 6,40Website
Anderson ValleyBarney Flats Oatmeal Stout5,7%35,5cl€ 6,40Info
BrooklynBrown Ale 5,6%25cl€ 4,40Info
BrooklynSorachi Ace Farmhouse Ale7,2%35,5cl€ 7,50Website
Flying DogEasy IPA4,7%35,5cl€ 6,30Info
Flying DogPale Ale5,5%35,5cl€ 6,70Info
Flying DogBloodline Blood Orange Ale7%35,5cl€ 8Website
Flying DogSnake Dog (IPA)7,1%35,5cl€ 7,10Info
Flying DogRaging Bitch8,3%35,5cl€ 8Info
Flying DogThe Truth Imp. I.P.A.8,7%35,5cl€ 8,10Website
Flying DogGonzo Imperial Porter9,2%35,5cl€ 8,10Website
LagunitasI.P.A6,2%35,5cl€ 6,20Info
LagunitasLittle Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale7,5%35,5cl€ 6,50Info
Lagunitas Sucks8%35,5cl€ 6,50Info
RogueBrutal IPA6,2%35,5cl€ 7,50Info
Stone BrewingI.P.A6,9%33cl€ 5,50Website
Stone BrewingCali-Belgique I.P.A.6,9%33cl€ 5,50Website
Stone BrewingArrogant Bastard Ale7,2%50cl€ 10Website
Stone BrewingRuinnation D.I.P.A.8,5%33cl€ 7,20Website